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From the Baltic to the Adriatic, across 24 languages, 28 countries and over 490 million people, GOPA Com. is Communicating Europe. 

Headquartered at the heart of the European Union in Brussels, GOPA Com. provides innovative communication solutions to governmental institutions and organisations. GOPA Com. combines the benefits of a flexible and highly-focused communications agency with the human, financial and technical resources of one of Germany’s largest consultancy companies. The agency puts its broad understanding of the European political context to good use in providing effective and innovative solutions to achieve the unique communication goals of its clients. 

GOPA Com. develops and implements bespoke communication strategies and offers an individual service to its clients. The company is a reliable partner of the European Commission, the European Parliament, EU agencies and non-EU institutions, supporting the European Union in achieving its goals and ensuring that these are effectively communicated to citizens and stakeholders across Europe and worldwide.





In June 2014, GOPA Com. was awarded a major contract by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) based in Alicante, Spain. In implementing this contract, our agency will rely on its design and organisational experience to arrange a number of events on behalf of OHIM and to conduct post-event evaluations to gauge their effectiveness.

OHIM organises an estimated 17 000 events per year and GOPA Com. will be in charge of coordinating a large number of these meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other related activities.




GSA, the European GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) Agency, ensures that public interests are properly defended and represented in connection with the European Union's satellite navigation programmes (GALILEO and EGNOS). The aim of GALILEO is to provide a modern European alternative to the established GPS system of the United States.

Over the last number of years GOPA Com. has assisted the GSA communications department by providing extensive support spanning various fields, including delivering editorial and journalistic content, supporting web activities, creating graphic, audiovisual and print materials and much more. 



GOPA Com. coordinated the development of a communication strategy for EURES, the European employment service set up to encourage job mobility within the EU. This was and still is a politically sensitive issue of significant importance in the current economic climate. Therefore an understanding of the complexities of the EU and national policy environment was required. Projects ranged from strategy and visual identity development to web activities and audio-visual productions.



Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission. It offers various services that allow eGovernment professionals in both the public and private sectors to share their experience and best practices. GOPA Com. supports Joinup by managing their online communities, organising eGovernment-themed workshops, writing news publications and case studies and conducting other activities aimed at the timely dissemination of information.



Over four years, GOPA Com. has developed its relationship with DG MARE through the organisation of workshops and events. Numerous events have been implemented throughout the EU, in coastal cities such as Funchal, Gijon, Dublin and elsewhere, bringing together regional stakeholders to contribute to the on-going dialogue on new maritime and fisheries-related policies.

The aim of this framework contract has not only centred on an exchange of experience, expertise and best practice among stakeholders but has also focused on the wide-scale dissemination of information about new policies and initiatives.



GOPA Com. is in charge of developing, managing and promoting the Eltis urban mobility observatory portal, thereby supporting the creation of new urban transport systems that use less energy and produce fewer emissions, while improving the competitiveness of urban areas and the mobility and quality of life of city-dwellers.

National multipliers, local authority and local council representatives and local transport and planning professionals are mobilised to instil a sense of community and foster best practice on innovation and technology transfer.  



The Strategic Energy Technologies Information System (SETIS) collects and validates scientific information on low-carbon energy technologies, from wind power generation to biofuels for the transport sector, in support of the European Commission's Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). The main tool to disseminate these outputs is the SETIS website, where GOPA Com. is in charge of the technical and content management.

The goal of our strategic, editorial and design mission is to provide information and data exchange on low-carbon energy technologies and capacities for innovation between the European Commission, Member States, the research community, international organisations and other energy sector stakeholders.



GOPA Com. was in charge of overall project management and outreach activities including the development of the ERKC web portal, which acts as a main focal point for the dissemination of information on energy research across Europe. In addition to making the results of European energy research widely available, GOPA Com. developed innovative communication and network management solutions to ensure high visibility for the project across borders and sectors.  



GOPA Com. has organised DG ECFIN events over a four-year period. These extremely high-profile events required the elaboration of event concepts, followed by management, production, design and logistics, accompanied by support in defining the content of the event and in conducting promotional activities.

During this period, GOPA Com. put its expertise to good use in organising DG ECFIN events such as the annual Brussels Economic Forum (2012, 2013 and 2014), the SME Summit (Women Entrepreneurship) and the Transatlantic Economic Interdependence and Policy Challenges conference, in association with the Federal Reserve of New York.



The European Defence Agency deals with highly sensitive and confidential political, security and defence issues, so the challenge is to communicate its mission to the wider public within the bounds of its mandate using the available resources. GOPA Com. was chosen to advise EDA on how to translate sensitive information into clear-cut messages reflecting the responsibility of the organisation.

The Agency’s website was totally revamped and now acts as the primary source of information on the GSA and its main tool to disseminate the results of projects in which they are involved. Events were also organised and information material produced to achieve the Agency’s communication objectivities. Audio-visual support through the production of several videos was also crucial to this effort.



The overall objective of the EDULINK programme is to foster capacity building and regional integration in higher education through institutional networking. EDULINK II is designed to expand and enhance these achievements by pursuing improvements in the effectiveness, management, and visibility of higher education institutions (HEI) in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region and ensuring their competitiveness in the global environment. In this new phase the programme focuses on two thematic areas, identified as priorities in the development policy agreed between the EU and the ACP Group of States: ‘Energy access and efficiency’ and ‘Agriculture and food security’.

Under this new phase the Technical Assistance Unit manages 47 projects, involving 101 HEI in 43 ACP states across the six geographic regions of the ACP Group of States, plus 50 HEI from 13 European Union countries. In total, the Technical Assistance Unit manages € 22.5 million in the form of grants to programme beneficiaries.


Smart Cities

Radical, new, pioneering and ambitious measures are needed to fight climate change. The Smart Cities initiative aims at promoting the development and application of innovative measures and low-carbon technologies to improve energy efficiency and traffic management at local level. The Platform is one of the two governance bodies of the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership (EIP).

GOPA Com. was responsible for setting up and running the Stakeholder Platform with representatives from city authorities, energy agencies, industry, the research community, and civil society associations. The Platform provides crucial input into the initiative, by developing work programmes to promote technological innovation, proposing up-take measures, and organising the exchange of knowledge and best practice. The project ended in February 2014.


Communication strategy

Communication isn’t about speaking your message, but ensuring your message is heard. A well-structured plan is crucial if your message is to reach its target audience. 

At GOPA Com. you have access to a team that not only understands your story, but has all the resources needed to effectively communicate it. To facilitate timely and effective communications, we pull from our wide network of experts to create content teams that understand our clients, allowing us to provide professional services across multiple sectors and sculpt individual communications plans tailored to our clients' needs.

  • Public and media relations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Key message development
  • Impact assessment
  • Fostering dialogue
  • Risk mitigation

Editorial Services

The GOPA Com. editorial department has at its disposal an extensive network of international editors, journalists and researchers, which enables it to produce high-quality publications on a wide range of topics. Access to a pool of experienced translators means that your publications can be produced in all EU languages. 

  • Reports and studies
  • Desk and field research
  • High-level interviews
  • Policy brochures
  • Magazines
  • Manuals
  • Copy-writing



Event Management

The GOPA Com. event team underpins the relationship between the client and its target audience by hosting memorable events. Engaging the audience through new and efficient communication channels constitutes the core of our work ethic. Our adaptability in using the latest technologies during our events means that we are able to translate our clients’ needs into unforgettable experiences that resonate with their target audiences.

  • Conferences and workshops
  • PR campaigns
  • Seminars
  • Media relations
  • Logistics
  • Location support

Creative Design

Design plays a major part in conveying complex messages to international audiences. Our art studio works closely with our communications strategists to determine the best medium to convey the client’s message to its target audience. Once this has been done, our graphic team uses progressive techniques and creative solutions to package and deliver this message, combining powerful visuals with an inherent aesthetic quality.

  • Online / print design
  • Branding
  • Identity 
  • Impactful aesthetics
  • Bespoke productions 
  • Research and innovation management



Web Services

We effectively plan, design and launch tailor-made digital solutions to effectively communicate our clients’ core messages via multiple digital channels. From website design to the production of audio-visual materials, there is a wide portfolio of tools available to help attract, engage and retain a target audience. Effective post-launch metrics make it possible to constantly optimise the web presence of our clients and keep their message current.

  • Web solutions
  • Maintenance
  • Applications
  • Metrics
  • Testing and upgrading
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)


Online Promotions

We develop comprehensive strategies to manage the sharing of information across multiple media. Our expertise stretches from traditional print and broadcast media to the continually evolving environment of online media. You can take advantage of this breadth of expertise to optimise your media presence and leverage the potential of social media, ensuring the widest possible audience for your message.

  • Social media strategy
  • Online marketing and advertising
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Community building



Audio-visual Production

The renowned Hollywood producer Darryl Zanuck famously said that “success in movies boils down to three things: story, story, story.” This is also a rule by which the GOPA Com. audio-visual production team lives. This means that defining the concept of the videos we produce is crucial before any production work begins. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the intended target group and its media consumption behavior, so as to identify the best audio-visual solution to reach them. 

The audiovisual production team offers a wide range of products, from advertisements to short films. We constantly monitor new trends in the audiovisual industry and are not afraid to suggest bold solutions. By working with top-class directors, producers and musicians throughout the EU, we ensure that our video output exceeds our clients’ expectations and is a cost-effective means of getting the intended message to its target audience.

  • Clips
  • Live action
  • Animations
  • Teasers
  • Event coverage
  • Educational videos



Communications Internship

Communications Internship

GOPA Com. is looking for a digital savvy, creative and energetic Communications and Social Media intern to work at our Brussels office.

Within your role, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of a variety of EU projects by helping to manage and implement digital communications strategies, spreading from managing social media accounts, websites, online communities and more.

Daily Tasks

  • Preparing and posting social media updates
  • Optimising channels and running Google Ads campaigns
  • Regular monitoring and reporting of online activities
  • Community building
  • Support communication activities

Qualifications and Skills

  • A higher degree, preferred in Communications or Marketing
  • Perfect command of written English
  • Digital savvy
  • Appetite for news and a knack for finding stories and articles that people want to share.
  • Interest in the field of EU affairs (energy efficiency, technology or development and cooperation) is a plus
  • Creative, self-starter, quick learner
  • Knowledge of the topics of smart cities, energy efficiency or urban mobility are a big plus

Start Date: As soon as possible

How to Apply: To apply for this position, please submit a creative resume and a cover letter. Tell us what makes you special and how you can contribute to the success of our online communication.


Content Strategist/Information Architect

Content Strategist/Information Architect

GOPA Com. is looking for a Content Strategist/Information Architect with a full spectrum of knowledge in all things that go into and come out of creating content strategy for the web including: information architecture, writing for the web, CMS architecture, and UX principles.

The Content Strategist/Information Architect will be responsible for the navigation, organisation, and business/user process engineering for leading edge and large-scale web solutions. This involves application of user-centered design methods to translate user needs, business objectives, and technology capabilities into a world-class user experience for our clients. You will create standard IA/UX deliverables including: site maps, annotated wireframes, process flows, requirements, and you will need a full spectrum of knowledge in all things that go into and come out of creating content strategy for the web.

This is a full-time position in a growing agency. You will work strategically, translating business goals into solutions, leading client presentations and workshops. You will synthesise and aggregate user research and competitive analysis with SEO, analytics research, content strategy and general best practices into all architecture and UX recommendations. If you are a content strategist with an IA bent, this job is for you.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conceive, plan and lead the information architecture and usability efforts of large-scale websites and mobile applications.
  • Create and document solutions by various means including diagrams, sitemaps, user flows, annotated wireframes, requirements documentation and wireframe prototypes.
  • Incorporate best practices in content strategy including, content audits,heuristic review, content matrix, governance and strategy.
  • Work with product managers, creative and technology teams to guide and document the architecture, flow and user experience of digital solutions across multiple channels.
  • Provide IA and Content recommendations that help clients and users achieve their goals based on information obtained through site audits, competitive assessments, user testing and site metrics.
  • Stay abreast of new and innovative trends in the information architecture discipline.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 3+ years content strategy, and information architecture experience, preferably in an agency setting.
  • Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills (both creating and presenting).
  • Ability to think strategically and also manage and implement the tactical details of projects.
  • Good understanding of current trends in content strategy, information architecture, and UX principles.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and tasks.
  • Experience with Drupal and other content management systems.

 Start Date: As soon as possible

Interested? Please send your CV together with a short motivation letter and one relevant sample of your work to: jobs@gopacom.eu 




GOPA Com. is continuously looking for experienced professional writers/journalists to be part of our editorial network. At present, we are particularly interested in experienced freelance journalists who can write for print and web on EU policy and programmes in the following areas:

  • Energy and environment;
  • Research;
  • Information society;
  • Space (and transport).

 Your profile:

  • Native-English or native-French speaker.
  • A good understanding of the relevant European policy areas.
  • Experienced in editorial work for a wide range of topics for EU public administrations.
  • You should have proven experience in writing for both print and on-line media.
  • Good knowledge of the EU Interinstitutional Style Guide.
  • Excellent writer with a journalistic approach and style.
  • Experience in proofreading and copy-editing.
  • Scientific and/or technologic background is an asset.

 As a freelancer in our editorial network you will:

  • Research and write for both print and web.
  • Write, edit and proofread documents for clients.
  • Liaise with GOPA Com.’s editorial department to deliver texts according to client demands.
  • Be able to deliver high-quality texts or edits in accordance with the editorial brief, to tight deadlines.

Interested? Please send your CV together with a short motivation letter and one relevant sample of your work to: jobs@gopacom.eu Candidates may be asked to perform  writing, editing or proof-reading tests before their profiles are submitted to the database.


Internship 6 months - New Business department

GOPA Com. is looking to hire a trainee for a 6-month paid internship to assist the New Business department on the preparation of answers to Calls for Tenders from the European institutions. 

What you will be doing 

  • Main responsibilities will include:
  • Assisting in the planning of new business acquisitions;
  • Drafting of communication concepts for proposals;
  • Liaising with other departments in the company and external partners/ experts;
  • Conducting research on the latest development of European policy fields, benchmarking communications, advertising and PR activities from competitors;
  • Assisting in administrative tasks such as the preparation and collection of CVs and other administrative documents and laying out documents using MS Office. 

What we are looking for

  • Very good writing  skills in English;
  • Experience or training in communication and  European affairs a definite plus;
  • Strong planning skills. 

What we offer

Paid internship with convention d'immersion professionnelle under Belgian law. 

Interested ? 

Please send your application to jobs@gopacom.eu


Product manager (Web)

Product manager (Web)

GOPA Com. is looking for a motivated Product manager with a full spectrum of knowledge in all things related to the web and mobile applications.

This is a full-time position in a growing agency. You will be responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision and ensuring a flawless  product experience that provides the "wow" factor to captivate the discerning users of today’s market.

Key Responsibilities

  • Be able to write realistic, helpful personas that contain a name, a picture, the relevant characteristics, and goals; determine the primary persona, the character who the product is mainly created for;
  • You can describe the users’ end-to-end interactions with the product and the steps required to achieve a specific goal;
  • You are able to characterise the product’s functionality in form of stories including progressively decomposing bigger into smaller stories and writing acceptance criteria;
  • You know how to write constraint stories to capture non-functional properties such as performance or interoperability;
  • You address key UX risks early on and you use a backlog tool that allows you to effectively describe and test the desired user experience;
  • You are able to choose the right research or validation technique to learn about the desired use experience, to test UX assumptions, and to address UX risks;
  • Provide IA and Content recommendations that help clients and users achieve their goals based on information obtained through site audits, competitive assessments, user testing and site metrics;
  • Stay abreast of new and innovative trends in the information architecture discipline and web in general;

Job qualifications:

  • 3+ years in web product management preferably in an agency setting; Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills (both creating and presenting);
  • Ability to think strategically and also manage and implement the tactical details of projects;
  • Good understanding of current trends in content strategy, information architecture, and UX principles;
  • Ability to handle multiple projects, tasks and lead a small team of developers;
  • Sound knowledge and experience with the Agile scrum methodology;
  • Experience with Drupal and other content management systems.
  • Start Date: As soon as possible

Interested? Please send your CV together with a short motivation letter and one relevant sample of your work to: jobs@gopacom.eu


Production assistant

Production assistant

We are looking for an assistant in the Graphic Studio to support in Production tasks:

  • Contact with subcontractors (printers, translators, graphic designers, etc)
  • Proofreading
  • Budget estimations and control
  • Preparation of Office templates

The candidate should have:

  • Background in communications (advertising, journalism)
  • Fluent in English and French
  • Good knowledge of German would be an asset
  • Organisation skills
  • Interested in the production of printed material
  • Knowledge of Indesign would be a plus

Interested? Please send your CV to: jobs@gopacom.eu




GOPA Com. is a dynamically-developing communications agency and, as such, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and motivated professionals.

If you are interested in a career in communications, you can browse through our open vacancies. If none of the current vacancies suits your profile, you can still send us an open application, which we will keep on file and contact you should a suitable position open up in the future.

We are also interested in receiving applications from less-experienced candidates and recent graduates who are interested in internship opportunities.

Are you passionate about Communicating Europe? Then contact us at jobs@gopacom.eu




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